Scene I – First Tennessee bank – 9:30pm – Cola
I pull up to the ATM, there are 2 cars ahead of me, I’m in my own world, looking very snatched in my black fitted crop top, blue jean shorts, and red high heels. The music is blaring, couldn’t help but give my little Nissan Sentra a lap dance in my seat. I look in my rearview mirror and put on my super sexy lip gloss, mesh my lips together to even the blend and I notice a man running up to the window. I didn’t have time to let the window up, he gets to my car and says “drop it off bitch!” I hand him my purse through the window but my wallet was in between my legs, I closed my thighs tighter so he wouldn’t notice. “Bitch get out the car, now!” Okay, okay, you don’t have to yell, I open the door and step out and my wallet falls to the ground, we both look down and when I looked up his hand drew back with the pistol in it and the next thing I saw was stars twinkling around my head. I thought that was only on cartoons, but obviously this shit is fucking real. I fall to the ground and I scoot back out of the street as I watch him peel away in my car with all of my money and my……and my baby in the backseat, he was sleeping. I wail aloud screaming somebody help me, please somebody help me! A customer sees me in the parking lot and comes to my rescue, he asked me “Ma’am are you okay?” No, I’m not okay! That bastard kidnapped my son, stole my car and my purse! “I’m going to call the police ma’am, calm down and I’m sure they will find your son.”
Scene II – Missing Persons Unit – Detective Macy 
Detective Roberts, we just got a phone call from security at FT Bank, there has been a kidnapping of a 6-month old baby boy, brown eyes, wearing a Scooby Doo onesie, goes by the name of Mason. The tags on the license plate is BHZ 911, Tennessee tags, gray vehicle, last seen headed east bounds on Shelby Drive, probably headed to Interstate-55, but not sure if he’s headed north or south bound. Let’s put an Amber Alert on baby Mason Strong and that vehicle. Now, I’m wondering if this guy is connected to the kidnapping and murder of Baby Rosy from two weeks ago. Let’s call Desoto and put them on the watch and let’s head to the North and see if we can pick up a trail. Tell MPD to update us as soon as they get to the scene.
Scene III – Baby Daddy – Malik
Damn baby, do it like this, hold up, don’t scave it with yo teeth, open your throat and relax your muscles, yeah that way. (Phone rings) “Um what’s up baby” says Malik. “Hey babe, we have a big problem, something terrible has happened and I need you come up to the bank on Shelby Drive, next door to the IHOP.” Shit, I gotta come right now? I’ma lil busy at the moment, can you give me about 45 minutes? “What tha fuck?! Bring yo’ mutha fucking ass to the got damn bank, right mutha-fucking-now, our son has been kidnapped!” Why didn’t you say that when you first called me? I’m on my way and yo ass betta not have shit to do with it either, low down ass. (Ends call) Hold up baby, I gotta go handle some business and I’ll holla at you later on during the week.
Scene IV – First Tennessee Bank Cola
The police finally arrived, I’m a nervous wreck, my makeup looks like a scene from a horror film, but I don’t care. Malik just got here, he didn’t come home last night, nor have I seen him today, I’m sure he was with his lil side piece, Marie. I ain’t got the time nor the fuckin’ energy to address that bull shit, but if he was at home, I wouldn’t hired Jessica from, nor would our son be missing. Malik is just as mad and concerned as I am, but I am extra livid! Next thing we hear, the police announce over the CB radio, “Gray Nissan Sentra has been spotted, headed south bound towards Oxford MS. It’s about 20 police cars, we hit the interstate in high pursuit, I hop in the car with Malik and we follow the sea of blue as we are going about 95 MPH down I-55. I noticed the G-string panties tucked on the side of the seat, but I ain’t say shit. We all take exit US278 and get off on Lamar Blvd. We see the car, the police have it surrounded, guns are pointed to the vehicle and my heart is pounding so loud, I can’t hear my thoughts. I feel like I am having a panic attack, the officer is holding me back, as tears stream from my face, I break loose, sprint to the car, run to the backseat, my mouth drops open, but no words come out, all I could do is fall to my knees, only to find….. 

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