Scene I – BP Gas Station Oxford MS 


Oh my God! My son is gone! That bastard took him to God knows where!  I feel queasy, my head is spinning….and my….my…

(Call an ambulance, she’s out cold)


Damn! Should I go to the hospital with Cola or keep looking for my baby Mason? Shit! What am I supposed to do? Fuck it! I’m gone keep looking for Mason and call the nurse at the hospital to check on her. I plant a kiss on Cola’s forehead and hop in the car with Detective Macy, we zoom down Lamar, looking for a black man 6’3” approximately 215 lbs. Hell I’m thinking, that’s the average brother around town from all the hoods across America. I couldn’t help but mentally imagine my measurements clearing myself from the crime, old habits die hard. We are searching under every bridge, alley, crook and corner, this is the longest 30 minutes of my life. We are headed towards Ole Miss College and we hear “vehicle stolen, Lamar area, blue Chevy Spark, 4-Door, hatchback, MS Tags OLVBRAN, last known location on the Interstate headed towards Memphis.” I felt like I was one of the starring actors from Fast-N-Furious, the detective whipped the Dodge Charger, floored it, as we see the entire force was in unison as the tires screeched and the engines revved. The interstate was clear, people pulled over to the shoulder and allowed all of us to speed pass them. As we get in the City of Southaven, we see the car and I can see my son’s car seat. Either the detective will make him stop the car or I will, “Calm down dad, we’re gonna get him” the officer in the patrol car says over the loud horn radio, ”Pull-the-vehicle-over-now, all-we-want-is-the-baby!” I’m like this main gone know he flodging, every professional criminal knows that is some bull shit. I grab the radio and hit the button and I say “Nigga pull that mutha fucking car over so I can’t get my son or it’s gone be some consequences and repercussions!” The detective snatches the radio out my hand, by that time, I had my point across. I think it’s working too, dude is slowly pulling over to the shoulder on I-55 North, we can tell he confused, whether to keep going or surrender. (Phone rings) Hello. “Yes is the husband of Cola Richards?” Nah, I’m her boyfriend also known as the baby daddy, but we almost married though, we just ain’t sign the papers yet. “O-kay then, well she listed you as next of kin the last time she was here, so we can discuss her condition with you. “She don’t have no condition, she just needs the smelling salt to wake her up so we can find our son. “I’m sorry Mr. Malik but her blood pressure is at an all-time high, and we must keep her for observation and treatment. We expect to keep her at least 48 – 72 hours and releasing her with a normal BP based on several factors of course.” (Code Blue) “Sir we are gonna have to call you back” Wait! What does code blue mean? (Clicks) Damn!

 Scene II – High Speed Chase 

Detective Macy  

I just know this is the person of interest we have been looking for since the murder of Baby Rosy. If he gets away with this baby, this child won’t have a chance at living life. My God, please don’t let this criminal escape our claws! As tears stream from my face, I picture Cola in my head, lying in the street, almost panicked to death. I must take matters in my own hands, I’ve been tormented every single day, every single waking moment that I should have done something to help Baby Rosy, this time-that-won’t-happen. I speed up till I’m even with the Spark, and I cut my steering wheel hard to the right, bumping the small car, just enough to push it to the shoulder of the road. My officers boxed him in, the officer in front is slowly hitting the brakes, and the Spark has no choice but to slow down and come to halt. Every officer had their guns drawn standing behind their vehicles, I pulled out the bull horn and told the driver, step-away-from-the-vehicle, leave the child in the car. He didn’t move, we didn’t wanna use any excess force to upset the child but he was going down one way or another. I told him, put-your-hands-in-the-air and slowly, slowly, open up the driver’s door. Still no movement from the driver’s seat, however there was movement in the backseat, possibly two small children, could there be a third person in the vehicle?n

Scene III – Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi 


“Ma’am can you hear me?” Yeah, I can hear her but for some reason I can’t open my eyes or get my voice to speak. All I see is darkness and white sparkles, I can see only a hue of light. I can hear several people around me, they are checking my blood pressure, giving me fluids, checking my pulse, and constantly talking to me. I hear, she has a concussion and we don’t want her to go into a deep sleep, place her on a ventilator, 24-hour monitoring and NPO (nothing by mouth). What? I’m hungry now, so nothing to eat is simply not going to work, wonder what day it is, and damn I need to call my editor. “I’ll keep watch on her for the next hour and then I’ll brief the nurse when the shift changes. I hear the door open but not close but then again maybe it’s on a saloon style. “Co-la, Co-la hey sweet thang, you know who I am, don’t cha?” I just know they ain’t let Shasta up in my hospital room, I know she was with Malik when I called him. Bitch probably got a monitoring device on her phone connected to his, at least that’s what he told me. “Yeah it’s me, I want you to go ahead and get you some good rest and I’m gone keep fucking Daddy while ya kids call me Mommy. The next time I suck his dick, I’ll make sure to give him slow licks from the top, swirling my tongue around our dick and sucking every drop of cum till it runs completely out. Us side chicks call it The Popsicle Effect, what you know about that? I’ll cap his dick every single fuck-ing day and throw him this pussy like it’s part of my daily religion, to keep him in my life and to end yours.” My blood pressure shoots up, I’m feeling hot, my machine starts to beep, my body is shaking uncontrollably, I’m having a seizure. The nurses storm in and see Shasta and asks her Dr. Shasta Adams, what’s going on? I came in to check on the patient, I saw her blood pressure elevated, I was ordering a RX for Lisinopril and when I pressed the call button you guys came right on in expeditiously. Thank you guys for being alert and following protocols, although I didn’t notice that her ventilator wasn’t plugged up…..

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