Scene  – St Francis Hospital 


Beeping sounds are cluttering my brain, I can barely open my eyes, the light hanging over me is extra fucking bright. Where am I? I hear, “we have a stronger pulse and her eyes are beginning to open. “I see doctors and nurses with surgical masks on. I ask, “where am I?” Dr. Scruggs tells me, ‘you’re in the Trauma Center darling, how are you feeling?” Like shit, like a train wreck, a bad hangover times 100, what in the hell happened to me? I can’t feel my body, nurse Felicia said “that’s mostly from the pain medication, we had to give you morphine to sedate you because you were hysterical when you arrived in the ambulance a few hours ago. You were stabbed 24 times and we didn’t think you were gonna make it.” Damn. Who in the fuck stabbed me? “That’s what we was wondering until the paramedics said you whispered the name, Ronnie.” Really? My Ronnie, couldn’t have done anything like this to me, he loves me way too much, he worships the ground I walk on, he sends me flowers weekly, writes me poems, we haven’t had a fight in about——umm never mind. “Why did you stammer?” I was just trying to put my thoughts together, we aren’t perfect but-I-was—-“Lorie, Lorie, can you hear me? Asked Nurse Cindy, she is out cold.”

Dr. Scruggs

Operation Team, take an hour lunch, Nurse Cindy can handle the prep for the next surgery. We watched them as they walked through the doors out of the corner of our eyes. I’ve been wanting to taste those pretty red lips of yours all fucking night. “But the patient is laying ri— here?” she said faintly. Why are you talking? Come here baby, the patient is under anesthia right now, so that leaves us enough time for me to fuck you the way you deserve it. You’ve been wanting this dick all day and I’m ready to give it to you. Am I wrong?

Nurse Cindy

How does he know that I want him? My pussy has been pulsating with a constant reminder every time he brushed past me. I took my surgical mask off, walked up to the good doctor and I began tongue kissing him, and I whispered to him, fulfill my fantasy baby. “I thought you would never ask , I have had this bag packed for months.” I watched him as he opened the bag and walked over to the 1st set of doors – he hung a strap over the door. My pussy juice was starting to run down my thigh, I dropped my scrub pants, and unbuttoned my bra to let these D cups get some fresh air. I knew exactly what to do, I placed my butt on the padded seat, reached around for the hand straps to get a firm grip and nestled till I was comfty. I placed my feet in the stirrups one by one. It was just what I imagined, I looked up at him and he was completely undressed. He walked over to me and gently pushed me backwards, so I could swing, and before I knew it, he knelt down to ram his dick into my pussy and started to power drive this sweet cookie, I loved it rough! I released my hand in attempt to gain control and he placed my hand back in the hand strap and asked me to leave them there. I glanced at the clock and we have 20 minutes before the crew returns. He began rubbing some lidocaine on my asshole, whoa buddy! That is forbidden virginal territory, I’ma need you to back up. He didn’t even acknowledge my statement, he kissed me and placed a small red ball in my mouth and snapped it around the back of my head. I started to squirm and mumble obsenities to him, he smiled, gave me those soft circular motions on my pussy, and I instantly calmed down. Once I released a couple orgasms, I glanced at the clock and we had ten minutes left. He began fucking me asshole bound, I remember gasping when I knew he was coming for me. I relaxed my ass muscles as he slid his dick in and out, giving my body life, maximum sensation, not only was he fucking me right, he played with this pussy like a musical instrument, ooh I think I love him. My body felt so incredible, in spite of the numbness that he put on me, the orgasm vibrated from inside the pit of stomach and let out a burst of sunshine and rain, I felt like I was having convulsions, and secretly, I was okay with that. I never in my life had a man to make me feel like this. Oh, Shit! The red light is on, the crew will be in here any minute. I’m hurrying trying to wash up, he’s doing the same, he took down love swing and I towel dry the floor. We hear chatter in the hallway, as soon as we we snap our masks on and they walk in, looking strange in the face. Dr. Scruggs says, “Kesha Yancey is ready to be prepped for her next surgery?”

(Background whispering) Wasn’t this already done? Wonder what they have been doing.

Nurse Cindy, why are your scrubs inside out? We smirk behind our masks and he says, hospital swing emergency.

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