Scene I – Regions Bank – Elvis Presley and Shelby Drive


Okay, here is the plan, I will go in and case the bank, check it for cameras, see how many security guards are present and see what side the vault is on. Chauncey, you stay in the car and monitor the parking lot, I want you to observe the normal day-to-day activity of the people and look for suspicious behavior. I exit the car, cool, calm and collective, plus wearing a suit is not typical, because no one would expect a hood nigga like myself to rob a bank while dressed to impress. I walk in and guard # 1 armed, medium haircut, small build, looks clumsy, light skin black man, and flirts with bank teller # 3. He is also married and she is single, appears to be in her late 20’s, dark skinned, braces, freckles, bites her lip when flirting. The layout is simple, 3 entrances one from the west side, the east side and the south side, the loan officers are sitting on the west side entrance, immediately to left, after entering a double set of doors. Teller # 1 is heavy set, plain jane, looks like she is dedicated to her job, round face, pretty smile, jagged teeth. Teller # 2, worked the drive through window, male, dark skinned, slim built, younger than I would expect, early 20’s. I stand in line among the 15 people that were already waiting, giving me of plenty of time to find the manager. She comes out of the vault, taller than I imagined, she stood roughly 5’11” had a swag with her walk, kind of sexy to be honest, fair skinned, built like an amazon, and her presence demanded respect. I look at her name tag and it says, Amanda. My watch buzzes, [Chauncey – 5-0 Kroger parking lot, 2:00 direction, disturbance] I reply, keep cool. I make it to the window and the teller walks away to assist her co-worker at the drive-thru window. The manager walks by, excuse me Amanda? “Yes, how are you today?” I’m great, but I have some questions about ROTH, and savings accounts that would grow interest over time. I can tell she was attracted to me, I watched as she twirled her hair with her fingers. “I can help you with that, I’ll step out and explain to you all of the products that would be beneficial to you and hopefully suit your needs. She walks her fine ass over to her office, I’m glad I shaved and trimmed my beard, she might like the 5 o’clock shadow. She closes the door, which I thought was strange but maybe this is her way of making sure our convo is private. She looked very comfortable, I glance down underneath her desk and she has stepped out of her heels, I ask her to explain the various accounts Regions has to offer. She went into a full sales pitch, I didn’t hear anything she said, I simply watched her lips move and the way her tongue danced in her mouth, when she was talking to me, was enough for me to say yes. I mentally fucked her on the desk, with her hands on the wall, I know she can give good head, and that ass doggy style, would make me live a civil life. Watch buzzes again [Chauncey – what’s taking so long homey?] I come of out my daze, I asked her where was the restroom, she told me down the hall, but I would have to use the employee restroom. I excused myself, and walked down the hall, sent Chauncey the stats on the bank, gave him the preliminary go and went back to entertain Ms. Amanda, I can tell right now, she gone be my next thang.


Ah’ight here’s the deal, Crew A takes the East side entrance, Crew B takes the West side entrance and my crew we are taking the south side which is the main entrance. Let’s get in position and remember we only have 2 minutes to get in and out max.We got the final signal, let’s go, no mistakes, be ready, stay focused and don’t fuck this up.

Scene II – CVS Pharmacy – Raines and Elvis Presley


Girl, that’s my song on the radio, we need to go the bank so I can cash my tax refund check. Girl, I needs to buy my baby some shoes and I saw a Chevrolet Camaro on Winchester that was to die for! “How much is your check boo?” Um, that ain’tnone of yo business chic! *Rolls eyes* Anyways, the bank is a little crowded, but I got time, I hope they don’t try to put a hold on my check. “They only do that when you deposit the check,not cash it.” Okay then, I’ll be right back.

Scene III Regions Bank


“So what products are you interested in going forward with?”Says Amanda. Are you happily married or seeing someone? “I’m neither, why are you asking, aren’t you taken, Mr….I don’t know your name yet.” My name is Ralph McDaniel and I would like to get to know you better. “How well do you want to know me?” Well enough, Ms. Amanda, when are you available? “I’m available immediately, if you down for a little fun.” Well, well, well aren’t you the forward one, can I have a hug? The hug that she gave me felt like I was merging with Scott’s toilet tissue, her body felt cotton, and I couldn’t help but touch that ass because she had it all over me. I had to steal a kiss as I caressed her face, dragging my hand down the nape of her neck, as my lips pressed against hers I felt fireworks, more like magic. I can only imagine what the sex would be like. But I needed to keep her occupied until the guys were finished, I scanned her office and I observed her silent light alarm. I turned her body so she couldn’t see the light flashing, I wondered if she would let me go all the way, since the door was closed. I leaned her against the desk, whispering in her ear, I can make you happy. She smiled, I saw the light flashing, I say to her, you look tense, lay on your couch and allow me to give you a massage. She gave me a strange look, I’m not going to try anything with you, your body felt tense when I hugged you and I wanted to help you to relax, no strings attached. “Well, I have been under a ton of stress lately, I suppose a few minutes wouldn’t-Short hurt.” I’m thinking to myself, that’s all I need. I grabbed her hand and motioned her to lie down, I turned her head in the opposite direction away from the flashing light as I massaged her neck. She smelled so good, and I was trying to focus on her as I hear her moaning with pleasure as I began rubbing her shoulders down to her lower back. She had a very round ass, I couldn’t wait to slide my hands across it, as I test her reaction when my fingers slickly rubbed that pussy. She jumped as a loud knock pounded at the door, she yelled, “Who is it?” Security, we just had a robbery! “Oh my God, you have to leave and I have to get out there. Here is my card, my friends call me Sunshine and my cell number is on the back.” 


Text message [Cheeko – In and out] Finally, that shit is over, (phone rings) Sup? “This Cheeko, what happened?” We completed the mission, but one thing went wrong. “Please don’t tell me y’all did some dumb shit.” Well, we sorta had to shoot the security guard on the west entrance, because Romero dropped his ID on his way out and the dude picked it up. We really don’t know if he is dead or not though, so can you check with the manager chic and see what’s up? “What the fuck! You got damn amateurs, I’m not gone check with her, that shit look suspicious as hell!” What we gone then? “I don’t fucking know,what we gone do, what about the other security guard and we didn’t hear any gun fire.” Well, Romero had the silencer on the unit, and the other security guard was scared shitless, that dude had piss on his pants and the floor. We had on the ski masks so no one saw our faces, I’m just worried about dude, I would rather go to jail on armed robbery instead of attempted murder any day. “Don’t worry about that, I need for you to meet me at the spot so we can count the cash. We can talk about everything else in person. *Click*

Scene IV – Whitehaven View Apartments


These cats ain’t got here yet, where the hell they at? Let me check the GPS Lojack I had installed on Chauncey’s vehicle and check their location. Looks like they are in the Westwood area, why in the hell would they.I hop in my low key car, no one knows I have this one, I need to ride down on them, they trying to cut me and I got a gut feeling, this about to get real ugly. 

Scene V – Parkrose Avenue

I pull up and see the SUV’s outside and a vehicle I don’t recognize, I immediately strap up, I put a gun on my hoslter on my waist and the one in my sock, I placed my knife on the opposite side of my waist for just in case it’s some bull shit in the mix when I get in. I walk up to the door, this big black dude opens the door, and asks me to come on in. When I step in the entryway of the living room, I smell marijuana smoke, liquor bottles scattered throughout, and ashtrays all over the spot. I saw a naked chic walk to the bathroom, had the nerve to look at me, like I was naked. It’s four guys sitting at the table, counting cash, I ask them, where is Chauncey? They point to the back, I walk back there and peek into bedroom # 1, this dude snorting powder on a dinner tray. What the fuck you doing mane! “Aw, I was planning on coming to the other spot but I got caught up and decided to let Meechy oversee the counting of the cash with the crew. Dude, that wasn’t the plan and I don’t trust them guys at all! How you know they ain’t pocketing cash? Do you even have an idea of how much we got? “Yea, that is a good point, let me go in there and see what’s going on then, and we probably got around 100k.” Nah, don’t worry about it, I’ll go check on them, I closed the door and as when I turned around I screwed on the silencer. When I turned back around, he had his head down, I put the gun to his head and I whispered, I ain’t gone let no uneducated street cat ruin my business, ya dig? You got 10 seconds to tell me why I shouldn’t fuck yo life over, starting now….

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