Scene I – Carmelo’s Trap Spot


My phone goes off playing my alarm clock music around 7 in the morning and as soon as I open my eyes I hear, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I jump up and look out the window and 5-0 has surrounded my spot. Where the hell is Geno? I told his ass, he was on lookout duty for the night! FUCK! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! “It’s the MPD, we got the place surrounded and we’re coming in!”

Damn! I run to the escape shoot that I built in the bedroom, I lifted the rug and climbed in and as soon as closed it, I hear WAM! The front door is flung open and I’m shaking like a leaf on a tree in the middle of a wind storm. I hear them going from room to room hollering, “clear” and I am counting in my head the number of rooms and I know I need to hear 5 clears to assume they are done searching the house. I hold my breath and I hear another “clear” I sighed of relief and then someone says, “wait a minute, why is this rug against the wall, that’s an odd place?” I recognize the voice from the First 48, and its Sargent Thompson Bitch ass, I hate that main. He been trying to fuck me ever since I banged his side chic in 2011. It ain’t like I kept her, that main should have been happy I didn’t make her mine. Another voice said, “We gotta go, there is an emergency on Chelsea and MPD is needing backup for a home invasion.” I say to myself, “thank you Jesus” as they all rush out, the blaring sirens were becoming fainter and fainter from my apartment unit, I begin to climb out and I see a note that was left on my bed saying, main, don’t think you was hiding, I know where the fuck you was at, you think I dun forgot what you done to me! Next time, you gone know, don’t come for me unless I send for ya. I’ll be back.]

I balled up the note and hit my girl Sunshine up, she work at 201, damn a fucking voice mail. “Aye bae, check to see what’s up, them folks just busted in my crib and I wanna know what the warrant say, hit me up.” I gotta blow this joint and quick.

Shanice texted, [meet me for lunch at our favorite spot, I got some special planned for us], I’m like damn, I really don’t have time fa dat shit, I gotta see what’s going on, but my wife need my time too, FUCK! I really wanna see bae, let me hit her up…“Hello?” What’s up baby? Says Carmelo. “Um nothing much, getting ready to get in the car, let me call you when I get to rolling,” says Shanice.

Cool, you do that, but let me ask you something, did you miss big daddy last night? “Hello, hello…hello.” This chic dun hung up, well maybe she lost signal since she in Collierville on her Cricket phone and shit. Anyways, I ain’t got time fa dat, I gotta find me another spot and move this weight so I can relocate and let the team know what’s up.

Shylo comes out the restroom and says “who was that texting you?”
“Awe that was my brother, Kris, he always checks on me in the morning” says Shanice.

“Awe yeah” he said, thinking to myself, I know damn well that was her man Carmello, but I’m gone play it cool.

“Ok baby, I need to get to the office before the trial starts, I need to prepare for this big case, I love you, bye.” Says Shanice.

Before I could say bye, the door slams, hell she didn’t even give me time to tell her I love her or shit, well damn! This bitch is up to no good, but she gone learn today. I grab my keys and trail her little ass right on down the street…


Hey babe, I miss you! “I miss you too love, what you doing for a late lunch today?” Says Carmello.” Um having lunch with you right? You said you were taking me to Los Cabos restaurant today, says Cinnamon.
FUCK! I said to myself, “yes baby, you know you deserve the finest and I got you because I know you GOT me, right? Says Carmello. “You better know it, I gotta run though, see you around 2:00pm, later.” Click.

Scene II – Benihanas Restaurant 

“Welcome to Benihanas, you must be Mrs. Carter?” I am…“we have received your brunch reservation and we have honored your request for a private lunch at noon, the restaurant will be closed for 2 hours, at your request. Please follow me.”
Thank God I had my decorator, come in and jazz the place up, I like the Japanese setting, but I needed a little bit more, rose pedals, candles, curtains, and fine China was a perfect touch, she said. I preordered our lunch and I hope he gets here in ti…
“Hey baby” Says Carmello.
Oh, hi honey, must I make an appointment to spend some time with my husband? “Baby, you know how I roll, you wouldn’t be driving that Beamer fully loaded if I didn’t work so hard, you wouldn’t be rocking those furs, if I spent every moment with you, I love you girl.”
His phone vibrates on the table and I dot my eyes to see the name that appears but he flips his phone over before my vision could focus. Damn contacts! I need some new ones, she said. Baby, as you can see we’re all alone, wink…wink.
“Yeah, I noticed that, what you got planned?” He said.
As I smiled, the waiter comes over and serves our drinks and lets us know the food will be out in 30 minutes. We nod and shew him off, I’m thinking to myself, I know he fooling around on me so I’m gone show him, I still got it. Baby, close your eyes, and allow me to take you to ecstasy, as I said very seductively.
“Awe shit nah, I’m at your command baby!” He said.

I decided to dip under the table, and I began by unzipping the zipper on his pants, and little did he know, I had Altoids, she said to herself. I popped one in and placed my mouth on the top of his shaft, carefully licking his head, as I hear him moan, I decide to use my new throat spray, which relaxes my throat muscles. I started to deep throat him, by devouring him, using slow yet sensual movements, in and out, up and down. I handed him the cordless remote control and allowed him to control the vibrator I had in my panties. I sold sex products, so I was always testing out the latest products. I felt him about to cum and I let up, and he gave me the stared, glazed look. I came from under the table and sat beside him, and asked him if he was enjoying himself.
“Hell yeah, but why you stop baby?” We look up, the curtain flings open and it’s….

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