How long will it take?

This varies, from your booked in date if you have everything ready eg. Logo, images text ect. your design concepts can take 1-3 days to produce, if you require any changes to the design this can take a couple of days but really depends on your email response rate. Once your happy with the design and homepage content and it has been approved adding your content can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on the amount of pages and content.

Are there any ongoing costs?

The only ongoing costs are for your domain name ( of $32 inc GST for domain names every 24 months and your hosting renewal, this is where your website files are stored. Our Basic Website Hosting Package is $149.00 inc GST per year, we have the option to upgrade to our Premium Website Hosting Package which provides more space and more speed!

I don't have a logo, can you make me one?

Yes, we can design up 3 design concepts for you to choose from for $179. We will send you a few files with your logo for you to use on your other marketing materials once the design has been finalised.

What type of images are suitable for my website?

If your after a slideshow or hero image on your website we require a minimum 1600px wide image, if your just after images for the content it will be displayed the size it is. If your unsure if your images are big enough send them through and we can have a look for you.

How do i set up my emails?

If you have an email address set up by us we will provide you with the details. You put these details into your email client, we recommended outlook. You can do this by clicking on preferences under your menu in outlook and then clicking on accounts. If you have any issues we are happy to assist.

We can set up your emails for you over a remote desktop for $30 inc GST (Ready for you to use), this means we will go through our computer to your computer and set up your emails, you are able to watch what we do on your screen.

What kind of text should i have on my homepage?

You don’t need a lot, as potential customers will not sit there and read a lot of text but a paragraph or two containing your location (if applicable) what your business does/sells and a few key words that potential customers may use in google to find you. Google will use the first couple of sentences, this is a key point in being found in google before competitors.

How do i get started?

Contact us with the package your after or if you’re after a custom quote. Once you have your quote we will require a minimum 50% deposit to get started. Once we have received your deposit we will send you an email with what is required to get started this will also include your start date.